Digital Marketing Management

Website Design, SEO, Social Marketing etc

My prices and availabilty vary depending on the client and the complexity of the project.

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How much do I charge . . .

For short term work (less than 16 hours per month) - I charge between £35.00 and £75.00 per hour.
For medium term work (between 17 and 40 hours per month) - I charge between £30.00 and £60.00 per hour

For long term work (more than 45 hours per month for a minimum of 6 months) - I charge between £25.00 and £60.00 per hour.

I do not provide fixed 'packaged prices':

I do however, provide fixed price quotes, but only AFTER after we have discussed and agreed what is the best solution for you.


Digital Marketing Management


E-Commerce, online sales, paypal buy now buttons, shopping cart systems, merchant account status, stock control, mobile shopping, social sales, ebay and gumtree, e-mail sales, affiliate and merchant sales, landing pages, Serif, EKM Powershop, Magento, Zoomla, CMS, Web design, web graphics and cartoons, web development, blogs, wordpress, Yoast, RSS feeds, SEO, original copy content, infographics, logo's, video's, skype, webinars, YouTube, Call to Action, Quality Score, PPC on google adwords, email campaigns, social wi-fi marketing, sms marketing, banners, analytics, apps, plugins, registration forms, schema, rich snippets and knowledge box development, on page and off page competitor analysis and benchmarking, google business, google maps and google+, social media, facebook, linkedIn, instagram and twitter, social marketing, social advertising, social business, KPI's and ROI, pressure from stakeholders or from other departments and channel partners or merchants and affiliates etc - can you manage all of this . . . I specialise in managing ALL OF THIS.

Project Management

You may have the details for a specific online venture and be at the point of obtaining quotes. Get to the Top can provide you with a project management service that will save you time and money AND will achieve the required results.
I am an experienced project manager and can manage the appointment of individuals or companies to provide you with specific skills to contribute towards the successful completion of a new or exsiting venture. I use the skills of staff from India because they are technically outstanding and provide unbeatable value for money.
This is a service that is often lacking in the marketplace, and one that allows you to focus on your other commitments and / or to oversee the management of your project without as much pressure. Find out more with a free consultation.

07931 326 164

#1 Website Legalities

Cookie Policy & Privacy Policy etc

We can support you with this - it is straighforward for us. Failure to comply could result in fines.

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European and UK Laws

All websites are legally obliged to display a cookie policy or the owners may be liable to a fine.
We can support you with this FOR FREE - if nobody else has discussed this with you - you need to be concerned about their credentials and lack of understanding and support.

privacy policy

Privacy Policy

A privacy policy is a document telling visitors to your site what information you collect and what you do with that information. Very simply: it is a short explanation of what you are doing to observe visitors to your website.
It is normal practice to include this as part of your cookie policy!

Your Terms & Conditions

If you are selling online then you need to be aware of the DSR - Distance Seling Regulations. These provide customers with a legal right to have their money back or have the goods returned - subject to your specified conditions. It is essential for you to consider these and to make them clearly available for your customers before they purchase. We can support you with this - it is straightforward for us - don't worry, however, if nobody else has discussed this with you - you need to be concerned about their credentials and lack of understanding and support.

#2 Website Content

Protect & honour original content

Website content should be as original as possible. Copying content may result in legal action - we can help you.

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Who owns the content at a website?

Contrary to popular belief, in some countries (including the UK) the copyright for design and content actually stays with the designer by default. What the client pays for is the right to use the commissioned design work in a particular context (i.e. your website). All our web design projects will state in no uncertain terms that
"Once full payment has been received you have full access and ownership to all the site’s resources in its signed off state".
This simple but legal statement is very important for anyone publishing articles or books, as they are the authors - so they need the credit.

Plagiarism, copyright and GOOGLE


According to SEO Legal - "Complaints of copyright infringement involving websites are relatively common; and infringement lawsuits can be ruinous. It therefore pays to be careful. Whatever one may think of the law of copyright, ignorance isn't going to impress a judge."
Get to the Top can support you with this - it is straighforward for us. Failure to comply could result in fines.

Original copy / content is VERY IMPORTANT.
One of the most common ways to obtain general information is to copy and paste info from the internet, however, this must be edited to produce your own original copy to avoid plagiarism.

The same applies to images - so always make an effort to take original photo's - I can help you with writing original copy writing and creating images and logo's etc.

Google - may penalise you for duplicate content

Google strive for original content and without it you will not achieve any high ranking pages on google.

I provide 'active tense content' rather than 'passive content'. This will enhance the reading for the user and improve your SEO.

Any and all content provided to us, unless we are contracted in to write original copy, will have to be provided to us in a word format. You will be responsible for all the wording and the layout and structure of the sentences and chapters etc - unless you want me to put the time in to do this for you. The same applies to images.

The actual design of the page and the style of the wording and images etc will be done by me and agreed / guided by you - if we use 'wordpress', then the appearance of the website may be altered at the touch of a button and you will be given various 'themes' to consider - these can be made more bespoke with your own logo and colour preferences and the use of sliders etc.

duplicate content


Don't forget to display your professional credentials such as insurance and any professional accreditations.

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Get to the Top has Civil Liability Insurance that provides cover against any work it provides that leads to criminal or civil claim. Simialarly, you may have appropriate Public Liability Insurance. It is good practice to display your insurance as honest reassurance for customers.



At least one 4G mobile broadband service is now available to 89.5% of UK premises. Are you losing business?

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According to an 'ofcom' media report from 2015 - "Smartphones have overtaken laptops as the UK internet users’ number one device.
We’re spending two hours online on our smartphones every day; twice as long as laptops and PCs
Superfast 4G is helping change the way we shop, bank, watch TV and communicate.

If your website is not geared up for mobile users then you are losing business - ALL THE WEBSITES I DESIGN ARE GEARED FOR MOBILE USE.

Mobile Apps and Games

Please contact me for full details.

#5 Website Clicks & SEO

Do you have "knowledge boxes" - being on the 1st page of google is not enough - you need to be noticed!

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Your main options for gaining clicks are:

  • PPC - Google Adword campaign's can improve your visual appearance and gain you clicks - we are 'qualified to do this'
  • Achieve google 1st page listing for selected keywords - we are experts at SEO - HOWEVER, WEBSITE CLICKS ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN SEO - SO I WILL SHOW YOU THE BIGGER PICTURE.
  • Facebook Business - this operates on a similar basis to google - and maybe more effective for you - we are experts at this.
  • Promote your website directly - via email or social media - we are experts at this
  • Get listed in online directories or with online business finders - we are experts at this.


You will have noticed more and more 'knowledge box' inserts on google - they are generated FOR FREE by google and are inserted above the top ranking SEO website or on the top right hand side of the 1st page - we can help you develop these.


Google have confirmed that the number one factor in ranking is the CTR - Click Through Rate - the more your website is clicked on following a specific keyword search, then the higher google will position it on their search pages.

  • CTR's - using Facebook Advertising and Social Marketing
  • CTR's - use schema rich snippets
  • CTR's - Factor in own branded url in keywords
  • CTR's - aim for longer / more specific keword phrases
  • CTR's - Experiment with call's to action and USP's
  • SERP's - on page SEO -MAXIMISE maps/locations/
  • SERP's - on page SEO - MAXIMISE internal blog links
  • GOOGLE KNOWLEDGE GRAPH / ANSWER BOX - search-result-style title and link below the answer - VIA SCHEMA
  • GOOGLE KNOWLEDGE GRAPH / ANSWER BOX - unique URL - also think about what the user 'will want next'
  • ANSWER BOX AND SERP's - how to maximise

#6 Social Media and Wi-Fi Marketing

This may be something you can benefit from.

Everyone uses social media and Wi-Fi - but not everyone knows how to combine them

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Ring Marcus on 07931 326 164 for more details.

#7 SMS - text Marketing

SMS marketing needs consideration

Sms / text marketing maybe more powerful than a website to promote your venture.

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Ring Marcus on 07931 326 164 for more details.

#8 Back to basics

We can support your business is many ways

I have spent over 40 years developing new business ventures and supporting established organisations

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I am an experienced management consultant and have been contracted in by multi-national companies (I saved Nabisco £1.8 million with a restructuring of their distribution operation).

I have worked alongside company directors and undertaken specific cost saving projects. I have run sales teams and helped set up new ventures for SME's and also individual traders.

I have supported individuals and teams involved in Network Marketing and have helped them improve their marketing and increased their network reach.

I have supported individuals set up their own self-employed venture and helped them develop an online presence and develop at an affordable and successful pace.

I can combine conventional business support with new online and mobile marketing to help you with intelligent business solutions - I can help you - ring Marcus Pearson - 07931 326 264

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