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My USP (Unique Selling Point) is my broad business experience and skills - I am a qualified and experienced mentor and therapist however, this website focuses on my 1:1 support for business clients - specifically supporting their digital marketing. I am both a designer / developer and an expert in SALES & marketing - both field sales, tele-sales, e-mail and sms marketing and all aspects of digital marketing including natural SEO, PPC and analysis (I am google certified for adwords).
I am based in Rochdale, Manchester, England, and whilst I am prepared to work nationally, I prefer to work within a 1 hour radius with clients that I can meet on a regular and personal basis to discuss solutions face to face.

I will get your job done on time for the right price.
I have WISDOM with regard to BUSINESS, SALES & DIGITAL MARKETING - I can support your business with my broad management and sales experience, without you having to pay me any more money - you only pay for what you need - THIS IS EXTRA VALUE FOR MONEY AND IT IS MY USP (UNIQUE SELLING POINT).


I now have a full time job and everything you are now reading is only available on a part time or consultancy basis.
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Digital Marketing

Newsletter Landing Pages

If you have not yet viewed an example of my landing page design service for Newsletters etc then please click here, if you have then please read on.

Website whilst you wait:

If you are in a rush, then I can design a 1 - 3 page website whilst you wait. It will cost you approx £350.00 (or £35.00 / month) depending on what funcionality you require. Click here for an example.

Ring me for details - you pay me on completion.


Respond and complete within within 5 days and receive £175.00 discount via an E-Funding Grant - hurry as it may run out.

07931 326 164

I can also support you with content writing and logo design and images and perhaps a privacy and cookie policy (which is now a legal requirement) - I am totally flexible and reliable.

A new website or a re-design / theme change.

A basic website will cost you BETWEEN £150.00 AND £750.00 (prices depend on how much content you provide me with and how many pages this is spread over) - I MAY PROVIDE YOU WITH THE OPPORTUNITY TO PAY MONTHLY.

Members Login Sections and Digital Sales

Click here to view my own digital newsletter blog site. It has a members only login and also has links to my online superfoods shop and my members section - which can only be accessed after people pay to join - you could also have this kind of facility. Click here to view this.

I can also provide offline and online selling options.

I can provide Paypal buy now buttons, shopping carts, bespoke shopping sites and facilitate monthly payments from members and manage digital e-book sales - including Amazon kindle sales. Click here for more information.

New Business or Network Marketing Support

If you are promoting a new business, especially one that involves recruiting people, then the quality of your content and communication is vital to your success.
I can assist you with infographics, images and video's and I can provide design suggestions.
I can also link through to existing video's or podcasts (I can also help you produce these, rather than rely on those from others - many people are put off with presentaions from the USA - why not represent the information for the UK market - it is not expensive to produce.

Well presented information may then be used by your downline, rather than using information from anyone else.
Stand out as a leader and others will follow - let me help you "Get to the Top" - Click here for full details of my support services for new ventures.

Polls and Surveys:

Click here for a live example of the kind of bespoke work I can offer you.

SMS Marketing

Prices start from £30.00 per month with no contract (FREE TRIAL AVAILABLE) - I can also discuss how you can do SMS Marketing FOR FREE. Click here for a live example of my services.

Social Wi-Fi Marketing

Prices start from £35.00 per month (minimum 12 month contract). Click here for an example of my services, especially my landing page focus for social wi-fi marketing.

Social Marketing

Prices start from £250.00 / month (This provides my time for 2 hours per week for 4 weeks, it should be £280.00, but for a 3 month contract I will reduce it to £250.00 / month). Ring me to dicsuss this in more detail - 07931 326 164

Mobile Website Marketing

Prices again are between £50.00 and £150.00 for the creation of a high quality mobile landing page in HTML5 and PHP if required.

E-Mail Marketing

I have experience of managing email campaigns and have used various software systems. I can also produce bespoke HTML5 email landing pages to enhance the quality of what you send out.Click here for an example of a landing page for email marketing.

I can help customers find your business online

Mobile SEO is my focus

I DRIVE NEW CUSTOMERS TO YOUR BUSINESS. This can be done with natural search engine optimisation and PPC campaigns (I am google certified for PPC adword campaigns). My prices start from as little as £250.00 per month for a minimum of 3 months.


I can provide training for you so you can do things yourself.

No contract, no PAYE or employers NIC, no pension, no sick pay, no holiday pay, no hassle - just high quality and accountable results for an amount you decide.

Ring Marcus - 07931 326 164

My Main Focus is improvement of your body, mind and spirit.
I support people via my holistic Digital Newsletter called JUICE).

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