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dreams-can-come-trueOur principle ‘bright spark’ is Marcus Pearson and he will ‘make your dreams come true’ by applying our principle of Jugaad.

intelligent solutions

For certain digital projects Marcus may provide a full personal service (this means he will do ALL the work personally).

However, for most projects, Marcus will utilise and manage highly skilled, experienced and caring technical staff based in India.

This provides you with the best value for money and allows Marcus to focus on 1:1 support for you.

For ALL PROJECTS Marcus will be the person you will deal with at the start, during and upon completion and renewal – he is your ‘go to person’ and can be relied on to provide customer satisfaction and a happy and positive wellbeing.

How do things start?

# Step 1:

You discuss your ideas with Marcus Pearson.
As well as your idea, Marcus will get an overview of your history and current experience; your resources, skills, knowledge, timescale, budget and ultimately your vision of the future.

This first stage can be started over the phone, by email or whats app; this will always be followed up with a personal meeting. There is no charge for this first stage.

At this stage you may enquire about the E-Funding Grant.


Support and training options for yourself and staff:

Marcus is happy to set up the project so that ongoing costs can be minimised and you have complete control over everything. If you would like training so that you can manage your own SEO, PPC or website edits then you can have it.

Do you want us to manage things for you?!

For organisations that prefer the owner and workforce to focus on their own skills set and not on digital marketing, we can manage things for you:

Your longer term vision may involve someone else (such as a technical professional) managing the upkeep, maintenance and improvements to your digital marketing. This may include creating and publishing content for WordPress blogs, PPC camcaigns with google adwords, an SEO programme or a social media campaign . Marcus can set up the project so that you have control over things without having to devote any of your own valuable time and resources.

Marcus will empower you to have options at the start, during and at the end of the project.

intelligent solutions

We believe in successful working partnerships not contracts that restrict growth or opportunities.

It is your business and we support you to achieve your dreams and possibly more . . .

Start step 1 now and contact Marcus Pearson:

07931 326 164

My Facebook Friends & Bark Customers:

bark web professional

If you are reading this as a friend of mine on Facebook or with regard to a Bark follow up;  please read this – “I will provide you with FREE membership to my holistic development programme”. This normally costs £50.00 plus £10.00 per month. You may have this simply be meeting up with Me to discuss your ideas.

When you agree to use Get to the Top for your digital marketing then Marcus will also give you FREE ACCESS to his 2 books.

Knowing what is really important helps everyone:

The important things in life apply to all of us, so finding ways to achieve it is what it is all about.

It doesn’t get better than family being supportive –

Marcus Pearson

When you know what goes into making the most important things in life a success, then this wisdom helps with things like digital marketing.

Contact Marcus Pearson:

07931 326 164

Thank you for reading this.

Kind Regards,

Marcus Pearson

Chief Executive and your point of contact at the start, during and after completion of the project.

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