My 1:1 Support with you


I work on a personal basis, and feel it is important you know who you are dealing with – it helps everything work better.

My current situation and approach to work:

Everything at this website is provided to highlight what I have done and to give an indication of what I am capable of doing.

I no longer provide any management or digital marketing support on a full time basis, furthermore, my part time availability is also restricted.

I am now more interested in supporting people be the best they can be in body, mind and spirit. This may involve supporting them with their digital marketing, however, I now prefer to do this on a select basis – and often do it for free. I offer my support primarily to members of my own Members Programme – Vibrational Frequency Programming

Details of the digital and management support I provide for owners of small business ventures is provided at this website.

Digital starting point for many small business owners:

Let us start with what most people seem to have or want’ or are given – WORDPRESS!

wordpress themes

WordPress’ market share is 30.0% of all websites and 60.2% market share for content management systems on websites with a known CMS.

I have been using WordPress for over 10 years, prior to that I hand coded websites using simple HTML – but technology and skills march on and so have mine.

WordPress now has over 2,500 themes for you to choose from – so you can imagine the opportunities for design.

Some web agencies employ ‘designers’ that have little or no hand coding experience, and all they are doing is altering the theme to be more bespoke for the customer – and there is perhaps nothing wrong with that?!

I can design and program front end and back end in HTML5, PHP 5, Javascript and JQuery and I use CSS3 – this means I do not have to use WordPress; it also means, I can interchange hand coded with WordPress and sometimes this has advantages. It also means I can add in code to a wordpress theme that does not exist on the template, or with a plugin – and this is very nice – especially with polls and surveys. WordPress has some excellent plugin polls / surveys, but here is an example of one I hand coded – click here to view – and it is within a wordpress site  – this one?!

Individual landing pages / banners / emails / HTML5 newsletters can all be coded by me and then linked to a wordpress site – if you can’t code then you can’t do this (or rather the customer will not be offered this). Click here to see an example.

I am experienced with many of the most popular wordpress themes and plugins. I am familiar wiith the free plugins and the premium theme and plugin upgrades. I sometimes find I can hand code what the premium site offers and this saves the client money, but most digital agencies will take the safer and quicker route – and you can’t blame them, they are in it for the money – and time is money.

Digital agencies often use premium templates for their own websites:

You can see they are not expensive, however, you can pay hundreds for more bespoke themes.

Digital agencies often use these premium themes and then change the appearance and add plugins to create a visually stunning and super interactive website – for little time and money – and why not, especially when you and competition are charging thousands of pounds to the unknowing customer.

Wow – that felt good . . .

I am reseller for unlimited web hosting and I purchase domains, upload websites and documents etc on a daily basis. I am very familiar with CPanel and Plesk and SSL Certificates.

I can virtually do all things with wordpress, however, apps and plugins are changing and created every day – so let’s be honest, and accept that I may have to learn something new – great I love it – lol.


Ok I have a Masters Degree in E-Commerce, gained at Huddersfield University in 2004 – WOW.

This shows I am capable of learning and applying myslef at a very high level – that’e all – things have moved on, and almost everything they taught then has been updated.

Great News – I have kept up to date and I can insert the code provided by paypal into hand coded websites or wordpress websites or even emails. I can do this with buy now buttons, shopping cart systems, subscription and membership payments.

I am also familiar with software such as Actinic, Magento, Shopify, 1 and a1, Shopify and Ekm Powershop etc etc.


These have come down in price, but perhaps your biggest consideration is the ROI –