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Surveys within a £500.00 budget:

This post specifically relates to work that the principle can provide for you as part of a smaller project with fixed price budget of under £500.00 – It does not relate to Polls and Surveys, or HTML5 landing pages beyond this budget – please discuss these higher budget options directly with Marcus.

For under £500.00 you can have a custom designed survey (like the live example below), or a survey produced from an App (like the live survey further down). These are available within a budget of £500.00. You can link these to a single landing page that can be promoted from facebook or an email or from an SMS link – ALL OF THIS MAY BE CREATED WITHIN A BUDGET OF £500.00

The following custom live survey also puts all the results into an excel spreadsheet for you –

click here to view and try it out.

The following examples also demonstrate greater sector knowledge – our principle has over 40 years broad business experience to support your needs:

A Property Survey example:

property yield figures

Property investors may want to buy, they may want to sell or they may want to increase their yield.

Providing customers with what they want without ‘perstering them’ is difficult, however, it can be acheived with an effective survey.

Yield is very important to property investors, however, finding this out whilst dealing with all the selling and buying is often difficult. By using client surveys, you may be able to funnel your clients more effectively and satisfy their needs better.

For budgets of under £500.00 our principle will also handle all the technical work. Marcus can design any type of survey for your business –

Free online survey

Marcus can design surveys that may be ‘pushed’ via your mobile phone using sms/text marketing, or by using social wi-fi marketing, or via e-mail or by web and social media. He can support your ideas and will manage the whole operation for you.

Customised surveys developed by Marcus have no monthly costs attached and can be easily modified by anyone PLUS all the results are fed directly into an excel spreadsheet.

Example of a Car Survey #1:

This focuses on how to interact for success with ‘A2P’ SMS in the auto sector.

Read on for more information and more survey options:

1to1 Auto are not directly involved in the selling of cars or contract hire and lease.

This post and the survey’s are simply a demonstration to anyone involved in the auto trade how to interact with various digital devices to maximise sales.

Digital Marketing for the Auto Trade Sector:

This post will explain how various aspects of digital marketing have been linked together to form a coherant strategy, that funnels customers needs towards a more timely and appropriate point of contact from the vehicle provider.

car purchase or car lease

#1 SMS Marketing:

Please be aware that SMS Marketing, within the context of this post, refers to what we call ‘A2P” SMS and not ‘P2P’ SMS.

P2P SMS or ‘person to person’ SMS is declining as ‘OTT’ (over the top) APPS such as Whats App and Skype etc, have become more popular and offer more options.

A2P SMS however, is one of the biggest boom marketing strategies of 2016 and beyond.

A2P or application to person SMS is the ‘professional’ version of SMS Marketing, and allows organisations to push messages to individuals in a timely and effective manner that brings a better ROI than almost any other digital marketing platform.

A2P SMS Marketing also links in better with other digital marketing opportunities and this post seeks to highlight some of these.

According to an article by FREE SMS MARKETING . . .

“If you could qualify 36 of every 100 customers BEFORE you rang them, then you could make better choices of who your call centre staff should ring.”

 The ‘qualifying’ of these potential customers is vital and SMS Marketing is one of the key factors involved with this, for eample . . .

The starting point for any auto marketing campaign may be:

  • An existing database of customers (preferably with their mobile telephone numbers) – OR
  • A promotion  / CALL TO ACTION that increases your database of potential customers . . .

Subsequently, by using a short keyword and number you could increase your future customer base AND START to pre-qualify the customer in your sales funnel.

A practical example of this is available on request:

#2 Linking SMS to Social Marketing and Search Marketing (your website):

The link from your SMS auto reply needs to start funneling your customers.

Using ‘POLLS’ and ‘SURVEYS’ to engage with your customers to establish their needs is crucial to success.

The simple survey at the top of this post is an example of how we can start this funneling. It is also an example of how we can MAXIMISE & EXPAND on the marketing opportunity by adding a facebook / twitter ‘share’ and ‘like’ facility. This makes use of the social media connections of the person who completed the survey.

1:200 FACTORING . . .

The average facebook user has 200 friends, therfore if they shared the survey on their public status then a further 200 potential customers may be reached from sending one SMS message.

Furthermore, if each of the 200 friends shared it with their 200 facebook friends then . . . (you work it out – lol).

#3 Social Marketing:

Using ‘POLLS’ and ‘SURVEYS’ to engage with your customers may be done without SMS by using SOCIAL MEDIA directly.

All the above applies.

Furthermore, the Polls and Surveys may be linked to even more information or MORE Polls or Surveys to further funnel the customers.

Please examine the two further surveys below to get a feel for what you might do, depending on whether you were involved with contract hire and lease or car purchase.

#4 E-Mail Marketing:

If you DO NOT have the customer mobile numbers in your database then you may have their email.

We can provide you with 2 options:

  1. We can provide an E-mail to SMS service – contact us for more information.
  2. We can provide you with HTML5 Landing Pages – you can use these to send high quality emails directly to your customer database.

View an example of our HTML5 Landing Pages here.

For more information on Email and SMS Marketing, Polls and Surveys and our full range of Digital Marketing Services , including SEO, landing page design and e-mail marketing please ring Marcus Pearson on

07931 326 164

Thank you for reading this.

Kind Regards,

Marcus Pearson

Chief Executive and your point of contact at the start, during and after completion of the project.

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