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2 – SMS Marketing

Nefy Golf Club

This post focuses on interacting for success with ‘OTT’ SMS apps in the sport & recreation sector.

Nefyn & District Golf Club:

This post provides an example of a ‘LIST’ that is used to highlight the FOH benefits of a local golf club it uses SMS Marketing as a base . . .

For small sports & recreational campaigns you can start sms / text marketing FOR FREE . . .


P2P (Person to Person) SMS:

Sending text  / sms messages or email to a large group of people using your phone has it’s advantages, but it can also be a bit time consuming and messy. You often have to manually add your contacts in the recipient field to make sure that everyone in your group will receive your message. This is time consuming and sometimes, you will forget to add some of your contacts in the group message.

group text apps

OTT2P (Over The Top Apps to Person ) SMS:

Groups text apps (such as Text 2 group pro, ) support SMS, email, and iMessage and offer several useful features that make group messaging quick, easy, and convenient – AND AVOID GROUP CONVERSATIONS, meaning the recipient thinks they are the only one receiving the text – AND there are many more – as can be seen from this image (screen shot from the istore).

Be Aware of what your app does?!

Some apps, such as Whats App, keep all the ‘group recipients’ as a group and allow / ‘only provide’ interactive group contact – this is perfect for those who want group contact, or it may be a disaster – depending on your circumstances – so be aware!

This type of app only works when everyone in the group has and uses the same app.

You are best choosing an app that suits your UNIQUE SITUATION and  ALLOWS FOR GROWTH without ANY DISRUPTION.

How scaleable are these apps?

Having tested various apps, and based on feedback from others –

The maximum number of group texts that many people have had a success with is 50 (any more and problems have been reported) – thus, for a contact list of 500, you would need to split your customers up into 10 groups of 50.

This may be perfect, as you can split your customers up into smaller and more defined groups – and possibly send them more relevant texts – rather than send everyone the same.

Many people would be happy to send more than 10 group texts of 50, especially if it is free. If you have a limit of texts on your phone contract or UNLIMITED TEXTS then this may also influence your volume.


Some apps are free, however, after a certain number of free messages (perhaps 10), they then require you to purchase credits, often in ‘bundles’, for example £7.60 per 100 texts. This may suit you, however, there are much cheaper and more professional options – you should discuss these with an independant sms marketing consultant such as Marcus Pearson from freesmsmarketing.

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A2P Application to Person SMS:

Beyond a volume of 500 texts, many choose to opt for a more A2P SMS commercial system – especially for the extra benefits professional sms marketing systems provide.

For more detaisl on commercial A2P SMS Marketing visit Free SMS Marketing

So who would benefit from totally free sms marketing ?

Any individual, business, organisation, club or team that have a ‘small number’ of customers / members – and are sending out only a few hundred messages per day or week.

The key factors to consider are:

  • Who is going to manage all the numbers and have they got the time and the inclination to send the messages on a regular basis as and when required.
  • Who is going to deal with any replies or be involved in any follow up text conversations and have they got the time and the inclination to deal with them as they come in.
  • Have all the ‘recipients’ agreed / opted in to receive these messages – THIS IS IMPORTANT. You should not be including anyone in a group text that has not agreed to receive them – THIS IS SPAM, AND MAY RUIN YOUR WHOLE PROGRAM – especially if they are in a group that shares conversation and they object – oops.
  • Do you need to send any MORE INFORMATION  – if so, are you linking this from your text,  AND IS IT IN A MOBILE FORMAT that can be received by everyone.
  • Do you have the ability and facility to add links – and create the additional information at these links, and who is going to monitor and respond to this?
  • Do you want to encourage people to send you information, or to send information to another source – perhaps one that automatically does things for you – if so who is going to sort all this out for you.
  • Do you know the potential for what you are doing and are you making the most out of an opportunity – perhaps, you don’t see the opportunity – are you making sms marketing work best for youare you working as smart as you can.


If your customer base is less than perhaps 500, and you do not foresee or plan to expand, then this type of free sms marketing approach may work well for you. However, do not be misled – just because it is effective, you still have to plan the overall marketing approach and quality counts.

Working with a supportive consultant, such as Marcus Pearson, from (a division of “Get to the Top”) is a great way to use SMS without incurring unnecessary costs.

If you want to expand beyond 500 customers or want to maximise technology for your small group, we strongly advise talking to a professional FOR FREE or moving to a more professional sms marketing system – freesmsmarketing have a package that starts at just £55.00 per month for 500 sms messages and a short keyword and number for you to expand your ‘opt in customers’ – they also have an introductory offer that costs much less.

Quality of presentation is crucial whatever your number of customers!

Regardless of the number of customers, what they see and how they perceive your business is crucial.

“Get to the Top” can produce HTML5 quality Newsletters for you to attach as a link from your sms message – prices start from £150.00 – they will get you more business. They can also design and develop facebook pages and website landing pages to further promote your free sms marketing – spend the money you save on sms on quality presentation AND STAND OUT FROM THE REST.

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