Social Marketing

3 – Social Marketing

social wi-fi analysis

Social Marketing:

I combine Social WiFi with SMS Marketing and design landing pages for both

The following video provides an overview of how social wi-fi and analytics may be used to interact for success at your venue.

It is followed up by various examples of landing pages for the sport & recreation sector.

Social Wi-Fi is effective when the landing pages provide a CALL TO ACTION.

On this page we have examples of our CALL TO ACTION Landing Pages for Cafe’s, Wine Bars, Aqua Parks, Travel & Holiday Venues, Restaurants, Theme Parks, Public Libraries / Halls,Travel Agencies, Business Lettings, Guest House / B & B’s, Football / Rugby Clubs, Cricket Clubs, Golf Clubs, Pubs, Surf Shacks,Universities and High Schools, Shopping Centres – in fact anywhere – inside or outside . .





Most places can be covered by just one Wi-Fi router, however,

if more are needed this is only a nominal fee.

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