4 – Online Selling Support


E-Commerce & Online Sales Support:

I have a Masters Degree in E-Commerce. (Huddersfield University – 2004)

This article will provide information to support your sales.

I have sold on the internet myself for over 10 years.

I can support your digital sales.

Less than £1,500.00/month:

If you sell less than £1,500.00 month I can support you during this development stage. Popular start up options include Ebay, Amazon and Paypal Buttons, and these are easy to use for one off sales or simple shopping cart buttons for multiple item sales – I can support you with all these. Keeping things simple whilst keeping the cost of selling online is very important, especially if you have many other aspects of a business to run. I can support this with facebook and other social media marketing. I can have you up and running within a day – you don’t even need a website, but if you do, I can help you with buying the domain name, hosting, web design, functionality and SEO as well as online marketing. You can sell directly from social media or text messages or emails – and provide secure online processing for yourself and your customers. I currently run a small online business and use this type of facility to channel ALL MY ONLINE SALES including my book sales and my superfood product sales. I channel my sales through this site as it also uses a SSL (secure socket layer) to further encypt the customers details. I can provide this facility for you as well. Ring 07931 326 164 to discuss this for free.

More than £1,500.00/month:

Once you start selling more than £1,500.00 month then it is likely you will benefit from a more professional e-commerce sales platform. I have many years experience with a variety of professional systems and can support you in a variety of ways to manage them.

I have experience with Actinic Catalogue, having used it for 2 years with a previous business.

I have considerable experience with EKM Powershop, having used the system extensively for over 5 years selling a range of sports equipment for a community enterprise company. – this particular platform is used by approx 30% of all online users in the UK.

Most of the online platforms provide MOBILE SHOPPING WEBSITES AS STANDARD – and this is very important. If you have a platform that I am not familiar with, then depending on which one it is, it is quite likely that I can master it very quickly – as they are predominantly the same.


It is not always the best policy to select someone that has extensive experience with only one system, or even the same system you have. Being able to ‘think out of the box’ or to ask ‘why’ or ‘what if’ are questions I like to ask – this is something some people are either afraid to do or do not feel a need to – because they ‘belive they know everything that needs to be known’ – I am always learning and feel this desire is a positive trait.

For example – “What if you introduced a ‘POLL’ or ‘SURVEY’ about your products or market sector” –

I can provide this kind of perspective AND I can design the landing pages and the POLLS & SURVEYS  to interact with your potential or existing customers, this may be an excellent way to upsell products.

Variety of Ecommerce Designs:

Ecommerce Design

Hundreds of different designs are available for you to chose from and I can modify these to provide you with a bespoke look, perhaps to merge with your existing marketing.

The image below provides a snapshot of the type of ‘back end’ management experience I have. More specifically, I have experience of planning and co-ordinating seasonel items via timely scheduled launches. I can support these with branded infographics on social media sites and other online trading channels.

ekm support

Micro Management:

If required, due to my experience in sport, clothing and fashion, toys, health and nutrition, I can micro-manage, plan, co-ordinate and undertake a variety of basic but important tasks, such as –

  • Managing any seasonal calendar and defining KPI’s.
  • Advanced product uploading.
  • Pre launch testing  – especially on mobiles.
  • Pre launch response testing.
  • Photography scheduling.
  • Category renaming and hierarchy planning.
  • Product and image renaming.
  • Reformatting of images and resizing of images for multiple image size availability.
  • The creation of branded infographics.
  • Seasonal item scheduling and pre-launch scheduling.
  • Stock allocations and availability.

I can support you with any of the aspects highlighted above.

I can manage your entire e-commerce program.

I can work with your existing staff to support your needs in a variety of ways.

I am very flexible and when you combine my qualifications, skills and wider digital marketing experience – I would be a good choice to support your business.

You can utilise my full range of skill and experience from as little as £105.00 per month:

Imagine the benefits of having your own E-Commerce Online Sales Manager from only £105.00 / month. I can respond to anything and everything you need and want. I can scale up my time to provide more and you can devote more or all of your time to doing what you do best and leave me to manage your e-commerce for you – this can be extended to ALL YOUR DIGITAL MARKETING – such as website design and updates, SEO, social marketing and even sms and wi-fi marketing.

Call me for a free chat – 07931 326 164

More details if required – I have provided a list below of possible aspects I can support you with, or responsible for and be accountable for.

Strategic Items:

  • Identify, implement and deliver a robust Ecommerce strategy for the business – this would be done in conjuction with an overall Digital Marketing Strategy – an example of which I have provided below.

digital marketing strategy

  • Manage the ROI of the e-commerce management.
  • Develop and implement a growth strategy for any third parties and affiliates.
  • Define how the KPI’s will be delivered.
  • Discuss and agree the digital marketing strategy with stakeholders and suggest solutions to meet and exceed business needs.
  • Conduct a full competitor analysis using various analytical software.
  • Manage the KPI’s  and sales budget and improve profit margins.
  • Create better digital funneling to increase conversion rates and average spend.
  • Manage full data analysis of sales figures and trends to create actions and opportunities.
  • Analyse customer behaviour to improve user experience on the site
  • Drive traffic to the site using the digital marketing stragtegy.
  • Report on a monthly basis, detailing current web usage and forthcoming developments

Technical Items:

Due to my experience and skills I am able to manage staff or personally undertake all aspects of graphic and image design and resizing. I can create new landing pages and manage both the front end design and back end functionality. I can code in free hand and identify coding errors, this is also of benefit with regard to on page SEO.

I can manage or undertake all aspects of the SEO, thus reducing or elliminating any 3rd party costs for SEO agencies etc.

I am also qualified and experienced with PPC on google and Bing, and this may also be useful for reducing or elliminating any 3rd party costs for PPC agencies etc.

Team Management Items:

I have many years experience in business and have worked in a wide variety of environments. I have a diploma is psychology, a diploma in mentoring and have taken extensive courses in managing people under stress. I have many years experience as a professional trainer and mentor.

I am very good at communicating the vision, goals and targets, moreover, I am very good at supporting strong team ethics. I believe in supporting each individal with 1:1 discussion. As an experienced management consultant, I can put my listening skills to very good effect in tuning the individual, the team and the organisation to the same positive frequency.

I believe that you can get the best out of someone when they feel valued; It is also important for everyone in the team to know the value of each individual and the combined value of the team. Such an approach is the basis for a positive and holistic working environment, and as such I would like to inspire and be inspired by others.

Standards Are Important:

  • There are many and varied legal aspects that must be adhered to – these may vary from sector to sector, however, many aspects of trading online are generic and I can provide support if needed.
  • Ensure all Health and Safety processes and procedures are adhered to.

Ring Marcus for a free consultation – 07931 326 164