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Additional project experience


The following non digital projects highlight my wider range of skills and experience from earlier years.

Youth Mentoring Charity:  £150,000.00 annual funding budget for 3 years.

As the CEO for a Youth Mentoring Charity I managed a variety of projects and staff to provide weekly support and services to schools, community organizations and specific groups of children and families.

I also set up 8 x £10,000.00 funded new community organization start ups.  

Director of Mini-Soccer for MCFA – 2 YEARS: 

This program was a huge success and resulted in the role out of the program from the region of Manchester to a National role out. I was appointed as the Director of Mini Soccer for Manchester County Football Association and led a new initiative to get children more involved in football. I was responsible for the recruitment, training, support and management of approx 26 professional football coaches and their deployment across schools and community centres in Greater Manchester. This was more significant as the role was self-funding. The FA chose to end the initiative and to focus on First Aid Courses – I was offered a new position but declined.

Self – generated projects – sports and travel related:

2 years experience running an executive travel / adventure business. I provided executives with organised adventure days. I organised white water rafting, mountain biking and gorge walking trips. Fun days at ski slopes, fishing trips and golf trips. This was extended to include children and when this exploded I focused on it.

17 Years full time and part time youth sports development business – 1,500 children / week – 23 staff & 50 volunteers. I set up and managed 36 after-school programs every week, 12 in-school programs and 11 week-end coaching centres. I also set up a voluntary football club with 24 teams. It was one of the largest independent sports development initiatives in the UK.

Leeds United FC – I managed an 18 month contract for them in the North West and fed talented players aged 6 – 16 into their football academy.

New Business Development Projects –

After some success with an energy company using MLM to sell an energy device I was appointed the UK manager for Rio ’92 Environmental Products Ltd and from 1992 – 1994

I was responsible for the manufacture and sales of an energy saving device. I was also responsible for the installation of these devices and set up a National network of corgi registered installers to cope with a fitting requirement that offered 24 hour completion from sale. This was so successful that the service was ‘bought in’ by competitors including British Gas.

Kirklees Metropolitan Local Authority:

I worked as a contract work study engineer for 12 months and updated all the ‘standard work times’ for the tradesman in the building services division. This led to me being head hunted by Smiths Crisps – see below.

Smiths Crisps / Nabisco Grocery Division – I was credited with saving Nabisco £1.8 million during my 2 year supportive consultancy role managing the change-over of their ‘hand ball distribution’ system to a ‘palletised system’. Amongst other tasks this involved the role out of a new computerised vehicle routing system on a National basis; training and support to all the traffic routers; training and support to the sales managers regarding the changes in order sizes, management and cost reduction of their GKN blue pallet contracts and temporary warehouse / distribution manager roles.

Retail  / FMCG – National refit:

Weigh & Save Retail Group – £1000.00 x 2 x 54 weeks. I won a National contract to refit over 200 new food stores throughout the UK. I fitted out 2 stores per week @ £1000.00 per store for 2 years. This involved interior landscaping to the store front and point of sale.

The Co-Op – National refit:

£8,500.00 / month x 18 months. I won a National contract to supply and fit artificial plants / interior landscaping to the head office and the retail stores of the Co-operative.

Supply of interior landscaping / artificial plant displays: ·         £1,500.00 – £15,000.00 / month for 18 months. I won the contract to be the artificial ‘planting contractor’ at Gmex exhibition centre Manchester. This provided me with the opportunity to supply / rent plant displays to the exhibitors (the official contractor was the only supplier allowed). Each exhibition was worth between £1,500.00 and £15,000.00

I have extensive experience of the event and exhibition workplace. I have exhibited in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow. I have won ove £300,000.00 worth of business from trade shows and as an exhibition contractor.

I won a contract (£2,500 / month) to provide an office / furniture supplier with a standard range of pre made artificial plant displays for 3 years.

PRESTIGE – I won a contract with the USA company Larson, to design and build an artificial rain forest for The British Natural History Museum in London. This was maintained for 3 years.

£250,000.00 contract: I won a contract to provide interior landscaping for many areas of The Meadowhall Shopping Centre Sheffield.

£50,000.00 – £350,000 contracts: I won various larger contracts with local authorities throughout the UK to provide interior landscaping, theming and rockscapes to leisure centres and public facility areas.

These projects are only an example of the range of projects I have successfully completed and they are provided to ‘highlight the extensive level of skills and experience that needed to be applied’ across a wide variety of sectors.

I have not included my experience and skills in the educational and childcare sector!

I still have an abundance of energy and drive, and have all the wisdom from these and more experiences. I would relish the opportunity of maximising my potential for a forward thinking ethical organisation that would reward my ability and wisdom with loyalty, progression and honesty.