Budget Digital Marketing Package

Budget Digital Marketing Package:

My Budget Digital Marketing Package is a low cost, high quality, digital marketing package, that allows you to develop your online presence without any future disruption.

It is flexible in that you can add aspects such as E-Commerce, PPC and SMS marketing, but it also has some important fixed aspects –  such as a new website and SEO.

Budget Digital Marketing Package

How much does the Budget Digital Marketing Package cost and is there a contract?

The Budget Digital Marketing Package will cost you £350.00. This will provide you with a 1 – 3 page website – this will include a contact / form page, a home page and another page of more information. It will also include a cookie policy and privacy policy.

privacy policy

It can also include the link to any e-commerce / online selling facility you desire – this means we can add this facility at a later date without any disruption to the initial work.

The website I create for you can then be used by you on business cards and leaflets and as a professional link from any social media sites or any other ‘directories’ you may advertise with. Your new website will help you with online credibility, because the first thing most people do is look for more information about you on the internet – if you do not have a positive website presence then it reflects badly on you.

I will make you stand out from the competition and you will generate more business.

Payment options:

Option A: You can pay £35.00 per month via standing order – this will be for the first 12 months, thereafter, you will just pay £9.99 / month for the website hosting. The £35.00 / month includes a free domain name and hosting (normally £9.99 / month), and the website will be initially optimised for google. With this price I will also provide full telephone support for 12 months to deal with any queries, and I will also contact you every month to discuss any further digital marketing improvements.

Option B: This involves an up front payment, however, it also allows you access to an E-Funding Grant.


Respond within 5 days and receive a 50% E-Funding Grant – more details at the end of this page. . .

Option B is a more professional option and is the most important aspect of The Budget Digital Marketing Package – it involves an additional cost of £250.00 / month for 3 months. This allows us to modify any existing information and to add upto 3 more pages per month – IT MAY ALSO INCLUDE POLLS & SURVEYS. All the pages will be optimised for natural SEO or for any PPC, SOCIAL MEDIA or SMS campaign you may wish to start. The aim is to try and secure google first page placement with either PPC or NATURAL SEO (the SEO may take 3 – 12 months and cannot be guaranteed, but may be a more cost effective option in the long run).

This price also provides a monthly google analytics report so we can monitor and discuss the marketing. This may also be set up for social wifi marketing (another flexible option for you).


This amount will be paid by standing order and will be set up to be paid half way through the working month (so you pay half in advance and half after I complete the work).

This £250.00 / month may alternatively be used to promote your venture via social media (facebook, linkedIn etc). This price will cover the set up of social media accounts and their design and launch. It also includes promotion of articles to various groups to market your business.

During the last 2 weeks of the third month we will discuss the success of the work completed. You have the opportunity to stop paying the £250.00 / month and continue on your own. You also have the opportunity to continue with another 3 month contract (this is my minimum contract period), this may be reduced to £105.00 per month or may increase subject to any discussions. These discussions will include any PPC campaigns.

The Budget Digital Marketing Package may additionally cost you £9.99 / month for 12 months (this is my hosting fee, and it includes a FREE domain name – this is a fixed 12 month contract). If you already have a website and are happy with the hosting then this charge will not apply, however, I will need access to the ‘back end’ so I can change the design and improve the SEO. This amount will be set up with a standing order prior to commencing.

How much does PPC cost with the Budget Digital Marketing Package cost and is there a contract?

Digital Contract

PPC stands for Pay Per Click and relates to advertising with google.

PPC with my Budget Digital Marketing Package will cost you £300.00 per month for a minimum of 3 months, therafter you can cancel or renew with another 3 month contract. You may increase this amount at any time (even part way through any contract). The £300.00 / month relates to £10.00 per day being allocated to pay for clicks to your website. You will pay me this amount in advance on a monthly basis.

I am google certified, which means I have passed an exam with google that shows I know what I am doing. I am VERY GOOD and achieve excellent results because I do not put your campaign on ‘auto spend’ I create a professional campaign using new pages at your website – this achives much better results for you.

How do we start this process?

I will discuss the project with you and we will agree the principles and time scale.

I will then email you a contract that you will digitally sign and return to me. This is a legally binding contract and means that you have agreed to pay the amounts indicated.

This contract will outline your rights and also provides a copy of my professional indemnity insurance cover. Please click here for more details of MY SERVICES and what else I provide FOR FREE within this price.

I will not start any work until this contract and all initial payments and standing orders have been set up.

The Budget Digital Marketing Package is a professional low cost option for professional people.

The 50% E-Funding Grant on the website design is ONLY AVAILABLE TO MEMBERS OF VFP; Additionally, I will also try and secure you any deals with google. For example, sometimes google run promotions where they provide discount to new customers and / or provide ‘matched funding’ – ie; they may match an amount you spend up to say “£240.00 for the first month – if this is available I will secure the deal for you.

I can also provide you with sms marketing campaigns –

click here for more information on sms marketing.