Digital budgets of £2K- 6K+


We have quality technical staff to support digital marketing projects from £2K – £6K+

The best Return on Investment may be achieved when we can support you to achieve sustainable growth.
In our experience budgets of between £2K to £6K provide the best Return on Investment.
We will apply our Juggad principles to ensure our intelligent solutions achieve your dreams.

If your budget is under £6,000.00; either a fixed budget or a monthly contract, then you may qualify for an E-Funding Grant. If your budget is over £6K, THEN CONSIDER PHASING IT to take advantage of the offer?! (It makes sense).


We provide you with the personal support of our CEO and principle – Marcus Pearson. Let us not waste any time, reading waffle, let us meet face to face and you decide.

When you know what goes into making the most important things in life a success, then this wisdom helps with things like digital marketing.

Contact Marcus Pearson:

07931 326 164

Thank you for reading this.

Marcus Pearson

Kind Regards,

Marcus Pearson

Chief Executive and your point of contact at the start, during and after completion of the project.