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Digital Experience

My USP used to be providing SME’S ‘one person’ who can operate as a Digital Marketing Manager, New Business Development Manager and Sales Manager, E-Commerce Manager, SEO Manager, Front End Web Designer and a Back End Web Programmer; however, I no longer provide this service – read on . . .

I have experience of setting up a new development from scratch and / or managing staff in an agile, sales or technical environment.

In terms of my digital prowess, I can say the following:

I am reseller for unlimited web hosting and I purchase domains, upload websites and documents etc on a daily basis. I am very familiar with CPanel and Plesk and SSL Certificates.

I can design and program front end and back end in HTML5, PHP 5, Javascript and JQuery and I use CSS3. I can apply RSS feeds from wordpress into home coded websites / landing pages.

I have over 10 years experience in WordPress theme set up and changes, wordpress plugins, PHP coding within wordpress templates, RSS feeds, SEO, Yoast etc – however, I am not a wordpress developer (I don’t create wordpress themes from scratch).

I often link my own coded landing pages with a supporting wordpress theme and can blend them together with ease.

I am very experienced with mobile web design and can ensure telephone numbers can be contacted with one click, and sms messages can be sent with one click.

I am also a reseller for Textlocal (sms marketing) and often link text marketing to landing page design.

I am also a reseller for Purple Wifi (I am a certified Purdicom WiFi Engineer) and I am experienced in creating landing pages for initial wi-fi connections.

I have created an infographic to pull all of these items together:

digital marketing strategy

General skills:

I am an expert in SMS / text marketing, e-mail marketing, wi-fi marketing, content marketing, web design, web graphics and cartoons, web development and functionality, original copy content, infographics, logo’s, Call to Action, Quality Score, PPC on google adwords, Bing AdCenter, email campaigns, banners, Google Analytics (KPIs and flow), CrazyEgg (heat maps), Screaming Frog (SEO) plus tools like SessionCam (customer journey), SproutSocial analytics, blogs, apps, plugins, registration forms, schema, rich snippets and knowledge box development, on page and off page competitor analysis and benchmarking, google business, google maps and google+, social media, facebook and facebook advertising, linkedIn, instagram and twitter, social marketing, social advertising, social business, E-Commerce, online sales, Paypal buy now buttons, shopping cart systems, merchant account status, stock control, mobile shopping, social sales, ebay and gumtree, e-mail sales, affiliate marketing and merchant sales including voucher schemes, behavioural retargeting, basket retargeting, display / pre targeting, landing pages, Serif, EKM Powershop, Salesforce CMS, KPI’s and ROI, dealing with pressure from stakeholders or from other departments and channel partners or merchants and affiliates

I use adobe creative cloud and I also use a variety of apps that provide polls and surveys. I can also handwrite my own polls.

I have introduced new concepts across multiple channels, and I am excellent in supporting others with stress and any perceived conflict of interest. I am well suited to an agile environment – I am happy to act as a ‘Product Manager’, a ‘scrum master’ or as a Sales Manager within a digital setting.

I have created and managed commercially sound business cases and overseen projects through to success.

My skills include tracking, analysing and reporting website performance metrics, with follow up analysis to inform on the development of Online KPI plans.

Whilst I have a passion for staying up to date with the latest web technologies and best practices, I work in the real world, and I can provide practical support with more conventional marketing and sales approaches. I can manage exhibitions and events and project manage such things as FOH improvements or attract passing visitors with practical and effective ‘footfall marketing’. I have extensive experience in B2B and B2C sales.

Most recent projects:

  • A digital marketing business – – I have recently finished various web design, SEO and PPC campaigns for a number of clients . These were ongoing since January 2017.
  • I am currently focusing on an Online Superfoods Business
  • January 2017 – June 2017. PPC and SEO campaign for a company in Bradford. I increased their CTR from 0.12% (google managed campaign) to between 2.5% – 10.3% CTR. I improved their PPC page position from an average of 3.0 – 3.5 to between 1.1 and 1.5. I improved their quality score from 1:10 to between 7:10 and 8:10 (and this is for non-brand name keywords).

Additional digital projects have included:

  • (July – August 2016) 2 month contract for a self-storage company in Oldham. I redesigned their website and applied SEO techniques, social marketing and a new digital newsletter to engage with new customers and expand the business. I also trained in house staff on SEO techniques and social media.
  • (May – Oct’ 2016) 6 month digital marketing contract for a health foods and holistic lifestyle business in Bury. I operated as a new business development manager, with a focus on sms and email marketing using HTML5 landing pages that I designed. I helped establish contact with new clients, managed bulk email and sms campaigns with analytics to a database of customers, attended meetings, submitted proposals and confirmed details by email and text. I set up an online bookings system and payment facility using a variety of paypal buttons and I also established an affiliate scheme arrangement. I designed the front end and back end functionality of the website and optimised it. The owner also had another business and I facilitated the development of this.
  • (February – July 2016) 6 month contract for an Industrial Insulation Company. I developed a new website and secured Google 1st page position for 6 top keyword phrases. I was also used to develop new business via email marketing, telesales and field sales. I became familiar with Email software such as MailChimp and its associated analytics. I secured over £200,000 worth of business within this short time period. In addition to establishing a regular point of contact with insulation sector buyers I also established contact with architects, buyers, specifiers and merchants. I also maintained contact with existing customers. I have extensive experience of organizing, managing and attending trade shows and exhibitions, as well as putting in place timely follow up procedures.
  • (Jan – May 2016) 5 month contract for a Wi-Fi Business. I was involved in managing their entire digital marketing campaign. I designed a new website using HTML5, PHP5, JQuery and CSS3. During this period I also qualified as a certified Wi-Fi engineer for Airtight Wi-Fi. I completed various wi-fi installations and used social wi-fi marketing and analysis to help the business expand. I designed new landing pages linked to the social wi-fi connections and developed vouchers for push marketing
  • (Dec ’15 – Feb 2016) 3 month contract for an SMS and Email marketing business. I integrated sms and email technology with websites and landing pages using PHP, HTML5 and CSS3. I used short keywords and short numbers to manage sms marketing campaigns. I developed new landing pages for auto response pages and used PHP5 to back code the system to allocate new sign ups to specific user
  • (March – July 2014) 6 month contract for a car leasing company. I saved them £8.5K per month on PPC by securing 1st place Google position for 40 top keyword phrases with natural SEO. I redesigned their website and set up and managed a successful social media campaign and supported their own marketing.

These are only a few examples – there are many more.

Earlier years:

In 2005 I established a social enterprise called Juniors FC CIC, this also had an online trading division that sold new and used sports equipment. I gained experience of selling on ebay and expanded a small scale sales operation into a full online shop using Actinic and EKP Powershop with a turnover of approx £100K within 18 months. During this period I also started to become familiar with sending out bulk emails and analysis.

In 2008 I established a new business –; the focus was to provide digital marketing to SME’s – with an emphasis on SEO, Web Design, SMS, Email and Social Wi-Fi Marketing – all of which I had become very good at.

Shortly after starting this, I was offered and accepted a position as CEO for a new Youth Mentoring Charity that focused on sport, music and drama as a way of supporting disadvantaged children and young people. One of the most interesting developments was a ‘practical life skills and online sales support business opportunity’ extended to the young people. This helped them set up and run their own online shops and ebay ventures. This lasted for 3 years and only ended due to a shortfall in government funding.