Digital projects for those with a budget under £500.00

Digital Contract

Micro Project Offer:

We call any digital project under £500 a micro-project.

Our minimum project size for micro projects is £250.00

If you ask nicely you may qualify for our pay as you grow option:

Our UNIQUE pay as you go option is simple – you pay £50.00 up front to start your project and then pay between £25.00 – £50.00 per month for 12 months.

We even provide a money back guarantee.

Budget Digital Marketing PackageThis enables you to start for minimal cost and grow as you earn money – it makes sense!

You can discuss your idea with us for free – simply ring, text or Whats App.

07931 326 164

What do we offer you for this small budget? Well, you might be pleasantly surprised:

  • The time, skills and experience of our founder and principle for the full duration of the project.
  • A strategy and clear project statement; agreed between us that clarifies exactly what you want and what we will provide.
  • PPC Google Adwords Campaign Set Up with 3 months analysis
  • A free domain name and 5 email accounts (more if necessary).
  • Supported web hosting is included for the first 12 months: thereafter optional prices vary from just £9.99 / month for supported hosting and only £19.99 / month for ecommerce site hosting (includes FREE SSL certificate).
  • A wordpress CMS (Content Management System) with 3-5 pages / posts and category set up.
  • A hand coded HTML5 landing page for use as a website, high quality email or social media link.
  • Polls and Surveys with either hand coded bespoke design or A2B plugin / app.
  • Various wordpress plugins (details to be discussed and confirmed).
  • Social Media set up and integration (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linked In).
  • Google analytics for your website and facebook!
  • SEO plugin set up and green light satisfaction for all pages / posts created.
  • Existing logo / colour / style integration with business cards and letterheads if required.
  • We can even set you up with a full online shopping cart website for under £500.00


We can’t provide ALL of the above at the same time FOR MICRO PROJECTS, however, we can set things up on a flexible basis SO YOU CAN GROW WITH YOUR ONLINE SUCCESS.

Our Facebook & Bark Customers:

Bark Elite Pro Web Design

Get to the Top are recognised by Bark as an Elite Professional provider of digital marketing services.

All our customers are unique, however, many tend to be people that know what they want, but can’t quite explain the details from a digital perspective. They want their business to be found on the internet so more people can do business with them.

Many customers want to improve their brand awareness, sell more of their products or services online, promote what great jobs they have completed and generally have a professional digital presence – and all this for as little cost as possible. They often prefer personal 1 to 1 support – which is what we provide!

We take your bright ideas and make them happen digitally.

intelligent solutions

Our principle ‘bright spark’ is Marcus Pearson and he will ‘make your dreams come true’ by applying our principle of Jugaad.

For certain digital projects, especially Micro Projects, Marcus may provide a full personal service (this means he will do ALL the work personally).

However, for most ongoing projects with a monthly budget of under £1,000.00, Marcus will utilise and manage highly skilled, experienced and caring technical staff based in India.

3rd Party Video Production in the UK:

Get to the Top also have agreements with 3rd party providers in the UK. 

This is in relation to video production and subsequent social media promotion (obviously it is too far for our Indian staff to travel – lol). We only use organisations we would use ourselves.

This provides you with the best value for money and allows Marcus to focus on 1:1 support for you.

For ALL PROJECTS Marcus will be the person you will deal with at the start, during and after the project – he is your ‘go to person’ and can be relied on to provide customer satisfaction and a happy and positive wellbeing.

How do things start?

# Step 1:

You discuss your ideas with Marcus.
As well as your idea he will (subject to requirments) get an overview of your history and current experience; your resources, skills, knowledge, timescale, budget and ultimately your vision of the future.

This first stage can be started over the phone, by email or whats app; this will always be followed up with a more detailed discussion. There is no charge for this first stage.

Support and training options for yourself and staff:

Marcus is happy to set up the project so that ongoing costs can be minimised and you have complete control over everything. If you would like training so that you can manage your own SEO, PPC or website edits then you can have it.

Do you want us to manage things for you?!

For organisations that prefer your owner and workforce to focus on their own skills set and not on digital marketing, we can manage things for you:

Your longer term vision may involve someone else (such as a technical professional) managing the upkeep, maintenance and improvements to your digital marketing. This may include creating and publishing content for WordPress blogs, PPC campaigns with google adwords, an SEO programme or a social media campaign . Marcus can set up the project so that you have control over things without having to devote any of your own valuable time and resources.

Marcus will empower you to have options at the start, during and at the end of the project.

intelligent solutions

We believe in successful working partnerships not contracts that restrict growth or opportunities.

It is your business and we support you to achieve your dreams and possibly more . . .

Start step 1 now and contact Marcus Pearson:

07931 326 164