E-Funding Grant


How to get e-funding for your digital marketing project.

Completion of the e-funding grant application form below will secure you 25% – 50% funding for your digital project.

N.B. At this stage we are not going to ask you for back end passwords or any google analytics access, however, this will be required should you choose to proceed with us.

You DO NOT have to complete this form online, or on your own; however, it will have to be completed at some stage if you want the benefits. Our principle, Marcus Pearson, is prepared to help you complete the form.

Below this Form is supporting information to help you complete the application – it would be wise to read it and prepare your answers before completing the online application.

If you would like a pdf guide with TIPS on how to succeed with The E-Funding Grant Application then please click here to view / save / download the information – or click on the image below.

e funding grant pdf info

Supporting Information:

The E-Funding Grant is a 2 phase process.

#1 Stage 1 confirms if you are eligible; this will take a maximum of 48 hours to confirm.

#2 Stage 2 confirms how much you will receive. The minimum is 25% of the quote and the maximum is 50% of the quote; this may take up to 5 days to process.

The E-Funding Grant contributes to short and long term projects:

Funding is available for fixed cost one off projects delivered within 2 – 8 weeks:

Funding is available for fixed cost and variable ongoing projects delivered over a 6 – 18 month period.

The E-Funding Grant is provided to enhance well being!

  • The project must enhance well being; it must improve the health and fitness of body, mind or spirit. This benefit must be for recipients of the project and or the people involved managing or part of the digital project process.
    1. You must explain why the project is of benefit.
    2. You must explain how the project is of benefit.

The more extensively you clarify the benefits the more funding you will receive!

The E-Funding Grant must be paid for in advance:

  • One off projects must be paid for in advance.
  • Ongoing projects must be paid for one with a 25% advance payment and the balance split over the remaining period; paid one month in advance by standing order.

Questions to answer within the application:

3. Who are your niche market target audience?

4. What are their main natural communication preferences:

    • Website / Google
    • You Tube
    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn
    • Instagram
    • Twitter or other
    • Whats App
    • Alexa
    • SMS text

5. What do you want them to get from your digital / online marketing?

    • What is the 1st CALL TO ACTION – Main purpose
    • What is the 2nd CALL TO ACTION – Supporting purpose
    • What is the 3rd CALL TO ACTION – Funnel purpose

6. Make a list of 20 – 100 keyword phrases

7. What other aspects of your business need to be updated inline with your new project:

    • Order processing, packaging, terms and conditions, privacy and cookie policy, refunds and compliance with DSR – Distance Selling Regulations etc.

Appearance – You will need to provide examples of what you like or want, and what you don’t like or want – do this with online links or relevant examples.

8. Clarify what colours, moods, feelings, effects you like or want.

9. Clarify what language, tone, visuals and impression you want or like.

10. Clarify any payments system you want or like; clarify if you prefer Paypal or have a Merchant account.

11. Clarify if you already have a website or shopping cart system; clarify what you like or dislike about it and what you want in the future.

12. Clarify your wants for any social media marketing – be very specific.

13. If you are selling a product or service or recruiting; then what volume (in turnover and in units) do you want or need per month or per year.

14. What growth are you dreaming of – numbers and timescale!

15. How much money are you willing to contribute to this growth for a set up and then per month for the first 6 months.

16. What is your plan if you don’t get a certain level of return?

17. What are you doing online at the moment and what are you getting in return – be specific with this in relation to what you want for the future.

18. What do you want to be different in the future?

19. What are you prepared to change to achieve what you want?

20. What do you want someone else to do that you are not doing / achieving at the moment – and what is it worth to you, if they can do it. Be honest and specific with this.

21. How much are you prepared to invest in achieving what you desire – this might include re-investing any increased profits. This should include initial amounts and any ongoing amounts and re-invested returns on investment?

Moving in the right direction from the start?!

For larger projects you should ideally have completed detailed audience research.

This should have created a clear target group; a buyer persona / model, that describes your typical or target customer; Your target audience is not “everyone.” Your task in defining your target group is to identify and understand your particular niche so you can dominate it.

That’s it.

The information you provide will not be shared within anyone or kept online; it will be used to determine the amount of funding you will receive. By completing the application you will have clarified essential fundamentals for embarking with your project. IT WILL FORM THE BASIS OF YOUR STRATEGY.

If you would like a pdf guide with TIPS on how to succeed with The E-Funding Grant Application then please click here to view / save / download the information – or click on the image below.

e funding grant pdf info