How do you spend your waking time?

How do you spend your waking time?

This is a deep question, however, for most people, it is spent either gearing up for work, working or trying to fill your time if you are not working.

Those that work:

Some people are happy to be told what to do and like to just get on with things.

Some people like targets and like to push themselves – it gives them an inner feeling of accomplishment and possibly more money.

Some people run their own business, and some people progress to employing others – sometimes hundreds or thousands of people.

Regardless of who you are ‘how you actually spend the time during the day’ is the most important factor.

If you are constantly faced with work targets that cause stress, or if you are faced with conflict at work (or outside of work – as this impacts on your work) then you will not perform well – you will not be thebest you can be.

So what is the solution:

Close daily relationships within your family and perhaps work colleagues is the 2nd most important factor – these don’t always have to appear positive, however, the bond between the people must be honest and valued.

The most important factor, the 1st and most important factor for ensuring that you become the best you can be – and others around you become the best they can be – is positive face to face interaction.

The 5 senses are crucial:

When you engage on a face to face basis you enage all 5 senses and when this is done with regular interaction then the best results are achived – SO WHAT, I hear you say – this is not rocker science.

So why don’t we strive for it. Why don’t we live and work like this.

If we cannot achive this then we must strive to work towards it as this will benefit everyone involved.

This is what I provide for you!

I can be your face to face contact, we can have face to face contact, your customers can have face to face contact.

Digital Marketing:

I can work from home or from your office, however, the most important factor is the quality of communication we have on a frequent basis. I will work with you to try and provide this support.

What if you don’t want it:

Our partnership is based on improving communication and listening to one another, however, if you want me to do a specific job, perhaps some technical coding etc, then our face to face time may be less than if I was involved in other aspects of your business.