Our SEO Objective, Perspective and Terms & Conditions:

We try and keep things simple –

The SEO objective from “Get to the Top” is to get your website listed on the 1st page of Google, and preferably number 1 and in the TOP 5 when internet users search the web using keyword phrases related to your product or service.

Get to the Top are confident our SEO packages will achieve high ranking results for various keyword phrases, however, Google is always changing their criteria and algorithms that determine the way pages and keywords are ranked and subsequently ranking is a LONG TERM RETURN ON INVESTMENT.

Get to the Top can’t guarantee TOP 5 ranking on Google or other search engines, furthermore, search engine results can take anywhere from 15 to 90 days to be updated and any results to be seen; longer lasting results are better seen after 3-12 months.

The position of your ‘landing page’ will vary on a month to month basis as per keyword phrase demand, Google’s update & competitor actions.

We will provide you with details of what we are doing and a monthly report to confirm the progress.

We are prepared to GUARANTEE YOUR SATISFACTION with the work and we do and with the service we provide.


Our Terms and Conditions are short and simple:

After an initial free chat and SEO audit we will agree a broad budget and start up plan.

This start up plan will be paid half up front and the balance upon submission of the detailed report and upon completion of any web / digital work that we agree needs completing in advance of SEO.

The SEO Package as detailed above will be put in place and may be a fixed or variable monthly price.

We will allow you to pay this over a 6 – 18 month basis.

You will pay one month in advance and all monies are non refundable.

After 6 months you may cancel by giving us 2 weeks notice.

After this period you may proceed on a 2 monthly basis, however, a cancellation may end any E-Funding Grant you may have received..

That’s it.

Thank you for reading this.

Kind Regards,

Marcus Pearson

Chief Executive and your point of contact at the start, during and after completion of the project.

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