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Would you Like Us To Do It For You – would you like us to start you off in a professional manner. You can continue to use us OR we can train your staff to take over – we provide you with the choices and will continue to support your own efforts if needed.

Start off with a bonus and save 25% – 50% on your quote – it makes sense!

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We are prepared to complete an initial survey for you on your current situation and future potential – WE WILL DO THIS FREE OF CHARGE FOR YOU; and it is linked to the FREE E-Funding Application Grant.

How much do we charge?

Do you want to compare prices with A DESCRIPTION OF WHAT WORK IS BEING OFFERED?

This is what many UK agencies anticipate; and so they provide a range of standard SEO packages with a list of what you get and a price – it seems sensible, especially as so many agencies offer this – problem!

The problem with packages is that EFFECTIVE marketing for your business is UNIQUE and PACKAGES DO NOT PROVIDE AN INTELLIGENT AND EFFECTIVE SOLUTION.

Your business and your business needs and dreams are unique and they must be dealt with applying the principles of Jugaad; This is a Hindi word meaning to do what is needed effectively and not to do what is not needed!

Our staff are highly skilled and think about what would be best for your business. We allocate a project manager to oversee a team of specialists for each and every one of our projects – including those for only £500.00 per month. Every team competes to ensure their customers are 100% satisfied with the results.

All the team managers are overseen by our principle, Marcus Pearson, and his time and focus is to ensure that the technical team and the customer are tuned in to achieve the best results. Sometimes the customer knows what is best, sometimes we have to advise the customer – but we always discuss and agree everything before we start. We plan, do and review. We always make changes and strive for the best results  – we don’t have competition because nobody else is doing this WITH THE SAME LEVEL OF DEVOTION!

Our technical staff are based in India:

They have a work ethic and mindset that is based on ‘Well being’ not on profit – that is why Get to the Top do not use UK staff – the care and support is far better in India.

High Quality Professionals:

Get to the Top utilise Google Ads Certified Partners, Bing Ads Accredited Professionals, Microsoft Advertising Professionals and Facebook Blueprint Certified individuals to stay up to date with changes to ad platforms and the current best practices to best optimise your campaigns.

Free Survey and Audit before we quote – with no obligations!

  • Allow us to provide a free website evaluation for SEO improvement and create a budget strategy for free.
  • Allow us to provide a social media audit and create a budget strategy for free.
  • Allow us to perform a free account PPC audit and create a budget strategy for free.

Incredible work ethic even before we start!

We are prepared to undertake all of the above free of charge before we start – and on an ‘unconditional basis’ – which means you are not obliged to use us for the project. This allows us to interact for free and without any requirement for work – contact our principle for a free chat and start this process today – 

07931 326 164

The work ethic is far greater and the prices are much cheaper. This combination means the customers of Get to the Top receive work of the highest quality for the best prices and due to the principle being UK based they have human support  – but not just from anyone – from the principle of the business.

How much do we charge?

You have to be prepared to invest between £500.00 and £6,000.00 per month for at least 6 months. Our £500.00 price is based on Indian prices, this would compare in work to a Gold Standard Package in the UK – SO THAT’S WHY YOU CANT COMPARE US WITH ANY ONE ELSE – read this for more perspective on UK pricing – read this for more perspective on UK pricing.

Additional benefits?!

If you are interested, then you may receive up to 50% funding from our Indian sources – subject to your project improving the well being of yourself and others. Click here for more details.




‘Get to the Top’ Guarantee to provide you with the best return on your investment with regard to what you spend on SEO, PPC and Facebook Ads. We are so confident – you can even arrange this guarantee with us on a bespoke basis – we want you to have 100% customer satisfaction.

We offer you what we would want for ourselves:

We start all our marketing campaigns with an effective but cautious bespoke budget. We know that our strategy of Plan, Do and Review is dynamic and is always followed by modifications. These ‘minor changes or tweaks’ are crucial in improving the Return on Investment. We want the best results not just good results. We do this for ourselves and we offer you the same level of individual care and support. 

This ‘tweaking process’ never stops – it can’t stop, because the competition is always changing and if you want to dominate your niche market you have to be a leader not a follower.


Profit may not always be a focus?!

Some organisations may not be looking to generate a profit; we also support those who may simply be looking to generate more brand awareness or increase membership through content marketing, micro blogging, social media and facebook ads. This may be relevant to a charity or a social enterprise. The same principle applies – it all comes down to someone clicking on your ‘landing page’ AND TAKING THE ACTION YOU WANT – this is called your CALL TO ACTION.

My apologies – allow me to introduce myself . . .

Digital Contract

My name is Marcus Pearson, I am the Chief Executive of the business.

I am an expert in making YOUR CALL TO ACTION effective.

Monthly reports mean nothing if the bottom line is not improving what you want. If you want actual results then you need to be speaking to someone with wisdom, someone who cares and knows about business and marketing – I have over 35 years of RELEVANT PERSPECTIVE that I will apply it for your benefit.

The New Kings of Marketing:

The new Kings of Marketing are:

  • Original Informative Links and
  • Google My Business Reviews

Original Informative Links:

Google Ads and Google Organic Search are both underpinned by Original Informative Links.
Original Content using ‘micro blogs’ on Social Media should funnel into landing pages or video’s with keyword phrases that dominate niche markets. This is the kind of perspective, combined with timely action that will help you dominate your niche and maximise the return on your investment.

Google My Business Reviews:

The facts:

  • To gain a 1-3 spot in the search results, you’ll need an average of 472% more reviews than the businesses ranked 4-6.
  • The first three businesses ranked are much more likely to have Google reviews than those outside of the top three.
  • More than six times out of ten, the top listing will be the business with the most Google reviews.
  • Businesses ranked 1-3 have an average of around eight reviews. If you have just one or two, expect to be ranked position four or lower.

Responding to google reviews in a polite, short and positive manner is important, especially as reviewers now receive an email notification to let them know that their reply has been responded to. This tuning in with a customer lets them know you appreciate their comments. Most significantly, this tuning in is a ranking factor with google!

Thank you for reading this.


Our prices vary from £500.00 to £6,000.00 per month.

To view / save / print / download exactly what we provide – please click on our pdf.

You may be able to secure 25% – 50% discount via the E-Funding Grant – check it out here.

Kind Regards,

Marcus Pearson

Chief Executive and your point of contact at the start, during and after completion of the project.

07931 326 164

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