SEO Services

Get to the Top provide the best ROI for SEO:

Our prices vary from £500.00 to £6,000.00 per month.

To view / save / print / download exactly what we provide – please click on our pdf.

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We provide SEO Services for new and established websites of all sizes and complexity.

SEO Optimised Websites – we build SEO from the start!

Every web page or post, whether it’s a new build, an existing corporate site, a full eCommerce development or a 24 hour Instagram presence, needs to have a reason to be there; and every page or post needs a proper focus keyword, #hashtag or ‘point of origin’ that people relate to and use – we consider your customer persona’s from the start, and gear up to ‘optimise your customer search’  – it is part of our ‘intelligent solutions’.

intelligent seo solutions

Our SEO team focus on SEO – they ‘compete between one another’ in getting every landing page and post  to the number 1 position in Google, Google Maps, AdSense or You Tube, and in the right format to the audience on facebook, Instagram (including Instagram stories) and WhatsApp. They also consider LinkedIn, Twitter and Snapchat.

All of the above can be used  / targeted to:

  • Get more app downloads or conversions.
  • Get more web sales.
  • Get more leads or sign ups.
  • Get more visitors to my location.

Each one has a different audience and each one might be of specific relevance to your customers.

For example;

    • 190 million people use Snapchat 20 times every day (for an average of 30 mins).
    • Worldwide, there are over 2.38 billion monthly active facebook users as of March 31, 2019.
    • 1.56 billion people on average log onto Facebook daily and are considered daily active users for March 2019.
    • Average time spent per Facebook visit is 20 minutes.

Plan – do  – review:


EVERY CUSTOMER of ours will be allocated a professional ‘content / copy writer’ a separate ‘off page / link builder’ and a separate ‘on page SEO Executive’EVERY CUSTOMER of ours will also be allocated a Project Manager to ensure all the work from YOUR SEO TEAM is blended and completed on time with a monthly analysis report.

In addition to this our CEO will deal with you personally. Marcus will work with you to establish your optimal niche market and unique selling point so you can dominate initial keyword phrases and have some success to build on.


This is an example of SEO Services offered from a UK SEO Contractor – they offer SEO from £280/month – £450.00/month; and this is what their Terms & Conditions indicate –

“The maintenance schedule will consist of some tasks that may be provided, such as link building, directory submissions, new content pages and diagnostics”.

That’s it!!!

Now compare this description to the ACTUAL WORK we provide for you – you can view / download / print a copy of what we offer in pdf.

We refuse to compromise quality for ineffective pricing – we won’t accept your money to achieve results that ‘indicate improvements’ but achieve nothing – we won’t hide behind SEO techy phrases just so we can show you initial improvements that look like things are ‘on track’ but will never get you into the TOP 5 places in Google – if SEO was that easy WHY ISN’T EVERYONE AT THE TOP ?!?! 

If SEO could be achieved for between £250 – £500 within 6 months then why don’t organisations with more money use the services of SEO contractors who offer it – the answer is because they know it is a waste of money and time.

Our transparent approach is simple:

We offer a FREE Pre-Contract Stage Phase 1 that provides you with a FREE SEO AUDIT. This audit will also allow us to produce an Initial Ranking Report that establishes the site rankings before any work starts. It is from this benchmark metric that our SEO performance will be measured.

We follow this up with a FREE Pre-Contract Stage Phase 2 that involves our CEO, Marcus Pearson, going through a detailed SEO questionnaire with you. This will result in you being provided with a fixed price or variable price quote and a project strategy brief for us to undertake the SEO and any other work.

Your job will be unique and may involve other aspects of digital marketing in addition to SEO; some of these aspects may be necessary to facilitate effective SEO and some may simply be aspects we agree to quote for. We have additional staff that deal with non SEO work; and if such work arises then our project brief will cover any costs and outline exactly what we will be doing.


If you have an existing SEO team, crunch some figures together, and then sit down. It might be time for a serious meeting with our principle to discuss contracting out your SEO.

However, it is not just price that should influence your decision, nor the fact that we have 2,500 keyword phrases at number 1 in Google; it is the caring 1:1 support you will get from the SEO team we put together for you – YOUR SEO TEAM.

Your SEO Team will create your success by putting into place the following SEO Strategy:

Stage 1 is your Strategy & Kick Off Phase. This is work that we undertake right at the start of the contract and during month 1. It builds on the initial project strategy brief and involves us getting heavily involved in the technical SEO aspects as a team –YOUR TEAM. We undertake a more detailed competitor analysis, extract more specific and results based keyword phrases, linked to any niche markets we are initially targetting. In relation to the work below, the Headings we start on include – Website Audit, Research & Analysis and SEO Compatibility Check & On Page Optimisation and Configurations.

At the end of this stage / month 1 you will receive your First Monthly SEO Report. This will be an update on the initial project strategy brief and it will be converted to an SEO Plan of Action.

Stage 2 is our Implementation Phase during which we get heavily involved with On Page Optimisation and Configurations. This stage will be ongoing, however, it is a high priority and a focus of months 2 – 6. An important aspect of this phase is the ‘need to check the data using Google Adword information – certain data is only released by Google for those investing with Google Adwords and their PPC (unfair but reality) – so we take advantage of this for your advantage.

Stage 3 is your SEO Tracking & Adjustment Phase when we record and analyse the SEO progress and fine tune it to ensure the SEO results are as desired. This becomes more of a focus from month 4 onwards. We use the adwords data to refine this!

Monthly SEO Reporting: Each month, you will receive ranking reports which will help you evaluate SEO performance based on the positive progress made in rankings each month for the optimisation campaign. For more information on the additional details in the reports please scroll down to the Reporting & Analysis Heading below.

At the quotation stage we will provide you with full details of all the  SEO Work that will be undertaken for you by YOUR SEO TEAM:

Get to the Top will undertake and complete all the work with the intention of ranking in the TOP 5 positions of Google for the specific keyword phrases as identified within the reports.

We strive for number 1 ranking, as we have achieved it for over 2,500 keyword phrases to date.

We do not guarantee we can achieve such success, and all prospective clients enter into a contract with us based on the information we have provided, and any research they have undertaken themselves to ascertain that they are happy to do so.

Thank you for reading this.

Kind Regards,

Marcus Pearson

Chief Executive and your point of contact at the start, during and after completion of the project.

For those of you that have read all this, I would like to thank you – please click here for your reward.

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