Jugaad = UK Digital Consultant with Indian Technical Staff


We are ‘Get to the Top’ and this post focuses on Jugaad!

Our approach is called “Jugaad”; which is a word taken from Hindi which captures the meaning of finding a low-cost solution to any problem in an intelligent way.

For certain local projects (normally those under £500.00) Marcus may provide a full personal service (this means he will do ALL the work personally).

However, for most projects Marcus will utilise highly skilled, experienced and caring technical staff based in India. Our relationship with our Indian organisations is incredible and they have provided us with a unique E-Funding Grant for customers who comply with their well being culture.

This provides you with the best value for money and allows Marcus to focus on 1:1 support for you.

This is Jugaad!

For ALL PROJECTS Marcus will be the person you will deal with at the start, during and after the project – he is your ‘go to person’ and can be relied on to provide customer satisfaction and a happy and positive wellbeing.

Contact Marcus Pearson:

07931 326 164

The benefits of using Marcus with digital staff from India:

Staff from India are technically brilliant, very caring and supportive, work longer hours, are very reliable – and are much cheaper than UK based staff. Marcus has ensured that the individuals and organisations we use respond very quickly, have back up staff and complete the work within much better timescales than UK based digital agencies. There is no problem with clarifying what the job involves and no problem with updating important minor details – everything runs smoothly and without fuss.

As an added reassurance for UK customers, you will deal with Marcus and he deals with the staff from India, this is a ‘seamless process’ and works very well.

Budget Digital Marketing Package

For larger or more technical projects Marcus may arrange for you to correspond directly with the staff in India. We care about your success and are honest and transparent – your satisfaction is our highest consideration not the money. This is emphasised by the Well Being requirement of the E-Funding Grant.

The mindset, work ethics, and ability of the staff in India are also more in tune with the ‘high frequency ethics’ of Marcus and this cannot be matched with staff in the UK – we know because we have tried it!!

If you have any queries please discuss them with Marcus.

Contact Marcus Pearson:

07931 326 164

Who do we use?

We use different people / organisations from India for different aspects.

Our SEO Services for example are handled by an ‘organisation’ that only do SEO. They are incredible at SEO and have completed over 800 projects across 70 different business sectors. SEO is an aspect that can very easily be handled by someone at a distance. It makes no difference if the SEO office is in Manchester, London, Paris, New York or India. Your UK support and point of contact will always be the principle of the business – our main man, not an SEO executive will deal with you – this is a much better service than you get from conventional UK SEO Service providers.

For specific details about our SEO Services please click here.

intelligent solutions

Our Web design / mobile design, apps & games are handled by another specialist provider. They can handle fixed projects from £500.00 and also process ongoing digital projects from £1000.00 per month to £50,000.00 per month.

Social media and facebook advertising and analysis is handled by another organisation. These individuals live and breath social media, and as we know, some people do this ‘more and better’ than others – so we use those that ‘live and breath it’ – it just makes sense.

Our Jugaad represents the skills and experience of a UK based consultant who focuses on your 1:1 support; combined with selective Indian staff who are technically brilliant in their chosen fields and ‘live and breath enjoyment in what they do’. Backup support staff are available to ensure there are no ‘excused delays’ and the price and value for money provide an unbeatable Return On Your Investment.

If there are any queries you will be dealing with Marcus Pearson based in the UK. You will not experience any communication problems or delays – all these very important factors are sorted, so you can have what you want for an incredible price.


Contact Marcus Pearson:

07931 326 164

Clarification on how to show an interest in our services:

# Step 1:

You discuss your ideas with Marcus Pearson.
As well as your idea Marcus will get an overview of your history and current experience; your resources, skills, knowledge, timescale, budget and ultimately your vision of the future.

This first stage can be started over the phone, by email or whats app; this will always be followed up with a personal meeting. There is no charge for this first stage.

Support and training options for yourself and staff:

Marcus is happy to set up the project so that ongoing costs can be minimised and you have complete control over everything. If you would like training so that you can manage your own SEO, PPC or website edits then you can have it. You can start off with us managing everything for you and then you can be phased in to take over – we want you to be happy with the way you manage your overall business.

Do you want us to manage everything for you from the start?!

For organisations that prefer the owner and workforce to focus on their own skills set and not on digital marketing, we can manage everything (or most things) for you from the start. You can start off with us managing everything for you and then you can be phased in to take over, if that’s what you prefer, or if that’s how things develop – we want you to be happy with the way you manage your overall business.

Your longer term vision may involve someone else managing the upkeep, maintenance and improvements to your digital marketing. This may include PPC with google adwords and or an SEO programme or a social media campaign . Marcus can set up the project so that you have control over things without having to devote any of your own valuable time and resources. We can also gear up our longer term support so that ongoing costs are as low as possible.

Marcus will empower you to have options at the start, during and at the end of the project.

We believe in successful working partnerships not contracts that restrict growth or opportunities.

It is your business and we support you to achieve your dreams and possibly more . . .

Start step 1 now and contact Marcus Pearson:

07931 326 164

Bark Customers:

bark web professional

We are a Bark Professional, which means we actively support people who enquire with Bark for someone to help them. We should be your Number 1 Bark follow up.

Incentives to contact us:

If you are reading this with regard to a Bark follow up, then in addition to everything you have read, “we will provide you with FREE membership to the holistic development programme run by the founder and principle”. This normally costs £50.00 plus £10.00 per month. You may have this simply be meeting up with Marcus to discuss your ideas.

When you agree to use Get to the Top for your digital marketing then Marcus will also give you FREE ACCESS to his 2 books.

The important things in life apply to all of us, so finding ways to achieve it is what it is all about. “We are one” and the sooner everyone recognises it the better we will tune in – we have recognised it, and we will use this PERSPECTIVE for your benefit.

Thank you for reading this.

Kind Regards,

Marcus Pearson

Chief Executive and your point of contact at the start, during and after completion of the project.

For those of you that have read all this, I would like to thank you – please click here for your reward.

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