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UK SEO Costs – Cheap SEO from Individuals:

Individuals who are capable of doing some SEO work may price themselves at the cheaper end of the market to attract clients with a low budget. The problem for low budget clients or those prepared to pay cheap for their SEO, is that they can’t or won’t compare these cheap services to those of high end providers because they can’t or won’t pay for them! This perspective is recognised by most low cost SEO providers; they hide behind their cheap fees until the customers have endured many months paying what they can afford and not getting the results they need to get a return on their investment. In a nutshell they get paid until the clients money or patience runs out – or until the clients business has ceased trading due to a lack of sales.

The individuals who are capable of doing some SEO work should be charging between £50.00 and £75.00 per hour*. They will not be devoting more than 6 hours per day to your SEO, and probably only 3 – 4 hours as a normal maximum, as they have other activities to complete. The smallest SEO support service will need at least 2 hours per week of focused time (this is for minor projects with minimal updates); subsequently the cheapest SEO prices you should expect would be between £400.00 and £600.00 per month – any price below this is like paying £15.00 for a service on a car that you rely on for work. Also consider that SEO analysis, report writing and submission takes a few hours in itself even for the smallest of projects, so this would add another £100 – £300 per month to your costs, or it would detract from the quality time they were putting in on your actual SEO work.

*Anyone charging less than £50.00 per hour or less than £400.00 per month is unlikely to be a full time professional and may not be around to complete your SEO in the longer term – BEWARE.

UK SEO Costs – High Quality SEO from Individuals:

Individuals who are capable of doing excellent SEO work may price themselves at the higher end of the market to attract clients with a higher budget or those prepared to pay for high quality work and effective results. Such individuals are likely to charge between £75.00 and £150.00 per hour. In order to do an excellent job they will put in the hours, which will likely be at least 4 hours per week, this will include analysis and reports and will be in conjunction with a planned and agreed SEO strategy that they will be working to – this is likely to be based on a 6 – 18 month period. Subsequently, even for the smallest of projects, excellent SEO that will provide a good return on your investment will cost at least £1,200.00 per month.

UK SEO Costs – Cheap from SEO Agencies:

SEO agencies will charge between £75.00 and £200.00 per hour for their SEO services. They may have a team of specialists that work on the overall SEO marketing. Someone may do the on page technical stuff, someone else may do the copy content and someone else may do link building. Some may use one person to try and do it all – or do a little?! Whatever they do the minimum price for the smallest of jobs (which should be at least 4 hours per week) would be £1,200.00 / month – £3,200.00 / month.

UK SEO Costs – High Quality SEO from Agencies:

SEO agencies that provide high quality work will pay high quality staff top money and they will charge you between £125.00 and £200.00 per hour. The minimum amount of time needed on small projects would be 6 hours per week – which means their prices would be between £3,000.00 – £4,800.00 per month. Larger projects would cost much more than this and would be linked to a detailed agreed strategy that included content writing and probably training for in house staff so they may assist with the longer term work or take it over.

UK SEO Costs – Package Prices in the UK:

Anyone that wants SEO is likely to have looked at various SEO websites and compared package prices.

They seem to follow a pattern and a similar price range, namely:

UK Bronze Packages vary from £299 – £750 / month plus vat

UK Silver Packages vary from £599 – £1,500 / month plus vat

UK Gold Packages vary from £999 – £2995  / month plus vat

UK Bespoke Packages vary from £3,000.00 – £10,000.00 + / month

UK bespoke packages provide additional services FOR ADDITIONAL COSTS that are often excluded from the other main 3 packages and these may include:

  • Off page optimisation aspects including –
    • Business Directory Submissions (Location Citations)
    • Social Bookmarking number of URL’s
    • Social Bookmarking number of submissions
    • Local Classified Writing and Submissons
    • Global Sites Profile Creation
    • PDF, PPT or Document Sharing
    • Video Submission (Provided by Client)
    • Question Answer Promotion
    • Image Sharing
  • Social Media Optimisation – 
    • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn –
    • 5 – 10 or more Posts each month
    • Profile Optimization
    • Content creation with images
    • Cover Image Design
    • Usage of #Tags
    • Call to action elements
    • Traffic monitoring via Google Analytic
  • Content Writing & Distribution – 
    • Blog Content Creation
    • Blog submissions within site
    • Blog page creation on WordPress or Blogspot
    • Web 2.0 Sites Content Creations and Distributions
    • Blog or Web 2.0 Content URL bookmarking

 UK High Quality SEO Requirements:

In the UK if you wanted high quality SEO with a guaranteed ROI, you would need to use an SEO agency rather than an individual due to the amount of work, time constraints and the wide range of skill sets. The minimum time period for a very small job would be 6 hours per week. This would include many if not most of the Bespoke aspects covered above; which are not normally included in UK packages. This means the price range in the UK for a very small high quality SEO project with a duration of 9 – 18 months should be between £3k – 4.8k / month and for a medium to large project between £6k and 10k / month.


Our prices vary from £500.00 to £6,000.00 per month.

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