E-commerce or online selling is BIG BUSINESS.

E-Commerce Perspective:

Many people with little experience promote their online selling success and try to sell their ‘simple methods’ to aspiring entrepreneurs to make even more money. Other established business ventures struggle to make online selling a success, whilst others make a lot of money – so why is this, and is it important for you to understand this?

“Start small and learn to ‘nurture online selling success’ within a niche market before expanding”.

Marcus Pearson

Be cautious with your money

Regardless of how much money you have it makes sense to be cautious and to learn as you grow. Your business and your competition is unique and the learning curve for your success will be determined by how you nurture success within a ‘niche market sector’ before expanding.

You need to be flexible and dynamic; you need to PLAN, DO & REVIEW and then make strategic changes and analyse everything. You also have to have access to the correct marketing insights in order to gain a better perspective on what you are doing and the results.

Get to the Top understand E-Commerce; the principle Marcus Pearson, gained a Masters Degree in E-Commerce from Huddersfield University in 2004. Much has changed since, however, the principles  of success still remain the same.

Understanding your niche and customer persona is crucial:

Their are many E-Commerce platforms and many vendors of payment systems and there are many options for your to take. There are also many marketing agencies prowling to take your hard earned money to set up an all singing, all dancing slick selling website.

Do not rush!

Knowledge is great, wisdom is better – be wise and be cautious!

Do not invest in a slick but complicated system that is more than you need.

Do not invest in a simple but time consuming system that works but then requires too much work to expand.


Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform written in PHP. It is one of the most popular free e-commerce platforms around, however, when you want the flexibility it provides you must start to pay for the premium versions. The problem with Magento is most people do not understand the more professional versions and cannot make them work effectively – they end up with a poor return on their investment. This is a problem that can be evidenced from the hundreds of job vacancies for ‘qualified Magento’ developers – and the many Magento training courses that are available.

Hiring Get to the Top to build your Magento store will save you time and probably save you money; this open source software was created for skilled developers to create amazing stable stores – it is not suitable for inexperienced people.

Get to the Top have many qualified and experienced Magento developers, so this is not a problem. We mention this because their may be other less expensive and more expandable options for you. We will discuss these with you before you spend any money.


Our robust e-commerce web design services will increase your profits and help you grow online.

Our principle has a Masters Degree in E-Commerce and can support any online sales needs.


Marcus Pearson and his Indian team offer custom e-commerce solutions to empower businesses with scalable, robust, and extensible e-commerce websites and online shopping portals as per their needs. Our e-commerce designers and developers have worked on hundreds of e-commerce projects and know
exactly what it takes to create a successful online store that can generate maximum sales and improve ROI.
Our e-commerce services include, but are not limited to, the following:

Design – Custom E-commerce Website Design:

Get affordable, full-fledged e-commerce websites that speak volumes in terms of look, feel and functionality. We strive to improvise online retail architecture to create the best online store experience for your audience.

Development – E-commerce CMS Development:

Get complete control over the look, content and functionality of your online stores. We use open-source content management systems, such as Magento, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Shopify to name just a few; to build robust e-commerce websites for your business.

Ongoing – Support and Maintenance

Ensure smooth functioning of your e-commerce websites and web applications with our online support and maintenance services. Our team of experts helps you maintain the highest possible e-commerce standards.

Let’s build something great together:

Take advantage of our free initial web surveys and also enquire about our E-Funding Grant:

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