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Hiring Magento Developers from Get to the Top to build your store will save you time and probably save you money; this open source software was created for skilled developers to create amazing stable stores – it is not suitable for inexperienced people.

If you have a limited budget, there are more cost effective alternatives.

Magento Community prices start at approx. £2,500 and Magento Enterprise prices vary from £10k – £25k (However, we may be able to provide you with 25% – 50% discount via the E-Funding Grant.)


Get to the Top provide a full range of Magento services for any medium to large scale operation.

Our Magento services include Development, Design, Project Management, Quality Analysis and a friendly supportive chief executive.


Our team of Certified Magento Developers are capable of developing the most customised Magento eCommerce websites for businesses of all sizes and all types in all industries.

If you are stuck with your Magento website – simply contact Marcus and he will make you feel relaxed.

Single Page Checkout

Magento websites built by us come with a single page checkout option to curtail shopping cart abandonment. This helps buyers to purchase online products faster and conveniently.

Integrated Admin Panel

Manage multiple e-commerce websites from a single admin panel. We use advanced features of Magento to help you manage data and products on various sites from one admin panel.

Analytics and Reporting

Our experts provide powerful analytic tools that help you get custom reports of sales, best purchased products, available stock, request for fresh orders, product reviews, customer queries & more.


Our experts leverage powerful marketing, merchandising and content management tools offered by Magento to build result-oriented web development solutions. Our skilled and dedicated Magento developers in India can either work on full life cycle Magento development projects or with your in-house team to jointly develop and maintain dynamic e-commerce web applications. Endowed with huge experience, we offer a range of Magento development outsourcing services that include:

  • Magento Shopping Cart Development
  • Creation of Personalized Magento Modules
  • Redesigning Existing Magento Websites
  • Development of Custom Magento Themes
  • Personalization of Reporting and Tracking Tools
  • Integration of Payment Gateways
  • Magento Plugin Development and Integration
  • Maintenance and Support Services

Magento PWA:

Magento is now a Progressive Web Apps Platform.

You can now have an online shop that can also be a web app. There are many advantages to this:

  • Your website can reside on the mobile desktop.
  • You can make use of native mobile features:
    • Notifications for sending updates, new releases, start of sales etc.
    • Allow customers to upload selfies straight from their phone.
    • Tap into them at the right time with location based services.
    • And so much more…
  • So much more cost effective than creating individual apps for each mobile operating system.

Magento PWA is the next new thing after responsive websites – ask us for a quote.

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Build robust e-commerce websites to engage and delight your customers. Our experienced Certified Magento developers can easily collaborate with your in-house team or work as an extension of your business, without burning a hole in your pocket.

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