Working Together

Digital Contract

Any work I undertake is in conjunction with yourself:

Please recognise that whilst I may be doing most of the contracted work, YOU will ALSO have to do some work – and the following information on this page will give you an idea of what we can do together – so please read on:

Focus on what you are good at – don’t juggle with everything – other things also matter:

Knowing what you want and knowing what the best solution is – can be a problem in itself – I can manage this for you. I have over 35 years experience managing my own business ventures and advising / consulting to other SME’s.

If however, you know what you want, and you have the time and inclination to manage all your digital marketing, then I will point you in the right direction FOR FREE, however, my services are geared for those who want or need more SUPPORT AND MANAGEMENT – so they can continue to focus on what they are good at – and allow me to manage their digital marketing successfully.

As an example, you may want a bespoke design that allows for a number of functionalities to take place. You may want the opportunity to log in to the ‘back end of a dashboard’ to edit different bits, to edit and review pages, to add or change profile pages, to upload pictures or event details etc. You may also want to enable clients and service providers the opportunity to log in and upload information – you may also want certain pages password restricted.

Web design and development has changed significantly with cloud technology, and this has enabled software providers to market their ‘functional business solutions’ via apps and plugins.

WordPress and plugins:

These apps / plugins, especially from WordPress, may be available for FREE on a trial basis, or FREE with a more basic package. When there is a cost, it tends to be on a monthly basis and be much more affordable and scaleable than a few years ago. This means that you may be able to have all the functionality you require for very little set up cost and for very little maintenance. The same principle applies to online sales and e-commerce sites – cloud technology has reduced costs and made online selling easier for the end user – even those with little or no online experience.

My own online business:

You only really know what you are talking about it when you do it yourself. I trade online, in fact I have done so for many years (albeit on a small part time basis), however, my current online business is geared for growth and the start up costs were minimal.

Budget Digital Marketing Package

I can highlight these opportunities to you at the start, and won’t try and hide these cost saving opportunities from you, OR CHARGE YOU FOR A GREAT SERVICE JUST BECAUSE YOU DON’T KNOW THE PRICE OR AVAILABILITY – we only offer what we would want for ourselves – we are friendly, honest and trustworthy, and not motivated by profit.


What exactly can I do with regard to “all things digital”:

For specific details of my broad digital experience and skills, please click here.

Oh, I can also work from home or from your base – or both.