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HTML5 link pages are very effective and great value for text and email messaging.

Visually stunning, works well on a mobile.

These simple HTML5 Landing Pages are perfect for anyone wanting to communicate AND INSPIRE PEOPLE TO TAKE ACTION. Sending out a high quality SMS or E-Mail in preference to a traditional unispiring 'chapter and verse' WILL MAKE YOU STAND OUT FROM THE REST. Simply link your message to a new landing page like this.

People are 'bombarded' with boring information - GIVE THEM QUALITY AND BE PROUD OF BEING THE BEST.

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First impressions count.

STOP sending text based emails and START sending HIGH QUALITY & INTERACTIVE HTML5 LANDING PAGES.

They can include POLLS & LIST'S & - as shown below:

They can also include video's

landing page example landing page example
SMS Marketing

In addition to 'landing page design', I also provide an SMS Marketing Service

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I have produced my own Holistic Digital Newsletter to help INSPIRE and TO BE INSPIRED - please visit "JUICE" and sign up to receive your free monthly update.

Digital Marketing

I can manage ALL YOUR DIGITAL MARKETING. I provide 1:1 support with no delegation of duties, no excuses - just genuine honest loyalty and smart working for your benefit - more here.


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